002: Match Day 2017

Today thousands of 4th year medical students across the country found out where they will be spending the next 3-4 years of their lives. It is a momentous occasion, worthy of celebration and excitement. My school’s Facebook page happened to be live streaming their match day ceremony and I managed to catch it in my feed. I saw smiling faces, eagerly receiving their envelopes, and counting down the minutes until they could open them all as a class in unison. Before opening, they were allowed to “break the scene” and leave their seats to go stand by their family and loved ones. And on the count of three, envelopes were ripped and slowly but surely…the squeals, the shouts of “YES!” and the happy chatter began to fill the room.

I watched in awe…it was a weird feeling, A) because I knew none of these people personally, had no idea what their stories were or the events in their lives that led them to this point, and B) despite all of that, I got excited for them. And I think the knowledge that some day it was going to be me opening my very own envelope got to me because I actually got chills (as cliche as that sounds).

I’ll never get to meet the class of 2017, but I know for them right now it’s not the end…it’s just the beginning. A lot of them are going out of state to places like Seattle and New York (so jealous!) , and others remain here. No matter where their career takes them, I know all of them will be successful doctors in their field. And getting to share in the excitement of match day for the first time only makes me more excited about what is to come!