006: Last Day of M1

Holy moly. Today was my last official day of M1. The year is far from over, of course, since we still have a whole week of exams to get through. Still, it feels so weird to think about the fact that I’m already 1/4 of the way through. I suppose it’s because the process to get into med school is SO long and arduous, that it’s unbelievable how fast time flies once you’re actually in.

Maybe this is TMI, but earlier this morning as I entered the bathroom on the second floor of the med building, I couldn’t help but recall the first time I ever entered it. It was during orientation, and we all had to pee in cups for our drug test (I was clean, fyi). Perhaps not the most delightful experience to think about, but it also got me thinking about how I felt that day, interacting with the strangers who would become dear friends, and feeling quite overwhelmed after receiving so much information about the curriculum requirements, school policies, etc. To think that a little over 9 months later, the novelty has completely worn off, and mostly I just feel exhausted, hungry, and ready to get these exams over with.

It’s also fun to think about the next couple years. I still have so much to learn, and so much to experience. I’m still nowhere near close to knowing what I want to specialize in. This year alone I’ve jumped from pediatrics, to cardiology, to pediatric cardiology, to neurology, to OB/GYN, and now to endocrinologist. You can see I’m gonna have a tough time with this decision in the future, lol. But as mentioned in a previous post, I’ve learned to trust the process. I know at this stage I’m not ready to know what I want to do yet, and that’s completely okay. I’ll know eventually. Three years is a long time, and all the things I have yet to experience and learn from will make the decision easier. In the meantime, I can only focus on the challenges I face presently and nothing more.

And that’s my cue to end this post. My 20-minute study break is close to over, and I must get back to the grind. Maybe in the summer when I have more time (ahh!) I can share with you guys some good study tips I’ve learned and what I consider to be the best study music of all time. Until next time!

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